you can do all this through christ who strengthens you!


The Holy Spirit is convicting my spirit, and I’m ready to listen.  The well-being of my marriage, my husband and son and our home is crying out and is depending on my willingness to submit.  So starting today, I am intentionally choosing to tell The Lord YES!  Yes, Lord, I will serve with purpose and enthusiasm.  Yes, Lord, I will go where You lead.  Yes, Lord, I will move without fear.  Yes, Lord, I will delight in Your Word.  Yes, Lord, I will yield to Your will.  Yes, Lord, I will believe that You are working things out in our lives for Your glory and our good. Yes, Lord, I will trust You in ALL things.  Yes to it ALL Lord!

The truth is, I didn’t realize how much I have been telling The Lord “No”; maybe not verbally (perish the thought!) but with my actions, I’ve been saying it to Him - and on a shockingly consistent basis.  Every time I choose to operate in fear, defeat, discouragement, doubt, discontentment, bitterness and anger, I am essentially telling The Lord:  “No, I don’t believe You when you tell me I have nothing to worry about" (Mat 6:25). “No, I don’t trust that the struggles my family and I are facing today are to prepare us for Your Kingdom.” (2 Cor 4:17).  “No, I don’t believe you have a perfect plan for our lives" (Jer 29:11). “No, I don’t trust you” (Prov 3:5-6). “No, I don’t see the joy in our present circumstance” (James 1:2).  “No, I do not need to enter Your presence and commune with you” (Mat 11:28-30).

What a shame that I’ve been missing out on The Lord’s best for me in every aspect of my life.  All the sleepless nights, worry-filled tears and driving my husband - and probably even my poor little son crazy.  For what?  Well, maybe to get me to the point of such frustration that I had to choose to surrender my weaknesses and exchange them for God’s empowering Spirit to help me live out my faith more boldly and with conviction even in the smallest of ways because the alternative is just not working.  

What’s more, for all of the mountains I’ve seen moved, for all of the miracle-working power of my Savior that I’ve experienced first-hand, I have no business saying anything to The Lord but YES!  He’s proven time and time again, over and over that He is the Sovereign God who commands the seas to roar and the sun to rise.  He created and owns time from eternity backward and forward. He controls the very air I breathe every second of every minute of every day.  He never fails.  He never grows weak or weary – even of me.  He’s blessed me with a brain and the free will to use it despite the fact that I have often used it to disobey His Word. 

Not only that, on the most personal of levels I’ve watched him breathe life back into my husband after his heart stopped and he flat-lined for over 30 minutes AND then heal him from cancer.  He’s answered our prayer for a child when for so many reasons, we shouldn’t have him in the natural.  He just has never failed because it is IMPOSSIBLE for Him to.  

And so I acknowledge and repent of my sin in failing The Lord by not trusting that He is exactly who He says He is and will do what He has purposed in my life to do.  

There is no doubt that this will be an on-going battle because the enemy seeks at every turn to destroy, derail and discredit those who choose to stand on God’s Word.  Even so, I am committed to casting every care, worry, challenge, and decision at the Throne of Jesus and allowing him to work miracles in my ordinary life.  

Yes, Lord, I will bless you at all times, and your praise will continually be in my mouth.  Yes, Lord, I will seek Your Spirit to help transform me and renew my mind.  Yes, Lord, I will trust that the good work you have begun in my family and me will be completed and perfected until the day we meet you face to face. 

Yes, Lord, you are MORE than enough!