you can do all this through christ who strengthens you!


I am fighting through some serious issues in this current season of life.   The responsibilities of marriage and being a first-time mom have me facing me and all of my shortcomings in a way that I have never had to.  Issues I thought I had worked through and moved on from, I haven't, and honestly, I thought I had reached a place in my walk with Christ that would have me navigating this season with ease, but I was oh so wrong.  I need The Lord in a way I have never needed him before. I am on unchartered ground and in a foreign place that requires His constant guidance, attention, and direction.  What is so consoling is that all He has ever wanted from me is to run to Him regularly and consistently with EVERYTHING.  Not only when I need guidance or peace or patience in the things that seem too complicated to overcome on my own, but even the seemingly mundane things.  I see now that trusting and relying on The Lord with the small equates to trusting and relying on Him when I face a mountain that only His grace, mercy and power can remove.  What an epiphany and illumination for me!

The Lord is also bringing to my remembrance, that when He blessed me with my husband he called me to the MINISTRY of marriage, and when He blessed me with my son, He called me to the MINISTRY of motherhood.  This means I have been called to minister The Gospel of Jesus Christ right in my own home; what a bone chilling yet sobering reminder!  The way I care for my family and my attitude toward the responsibility of caring for them is my most influential witness for Christ to the world.

So now I am entirely humbled – humbled at my short-sidedness but even more humbled that in spite of my sin and imperfections, The Lord still sees fit to use me to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ in such a precious way.  Because of this truth, I am learning to change my perspective.  Nothing about my daily life is mundane, haphazard or too heavy to bare because when The Lord called me to ministry, He equipped me with all that I'll ever need – His Word, His Son (His Word personified) and His Spirit.  My victory in this call is in God and God ALONE.

My prayer for me and every woman (both present and future) The Lord has called to the ministries of marriage and/or motherhood is to be empowered by The Holy Spirit to live out our call with boldness, confidence, joy, peace, and contentment through each and every season.  In Jesus' mighty name we are more than conquerors through Him who LOVES us!

Friends, how can I be praying for you as you approach the throne of grace with all that you are facing today?